Americans Buy Prams when in Amsterdam

babytransitAmsterdam is one of the most popular cities visited by Americans every year because of its nice infrastructure, good food and tourist attractions. This place is filled with culture and history that you can soak in all day, and it also has a fun atmosphere at night so you can party and enjoy your stay. This might be true if you are single and travelling alone or with some of your friends. However, it’s different when you are with your baby and travelling with your husband. Most couples that are expecting their babies or even planning on having one is already crossing out things on their shopping list. The first and most essential of all for Americans is the baby stroller. It’s the most convenient way to travel with your infant and be with them all the time but some American couples that visited Amsterdam are coming back with prams that they have purchased during their travel.

Prams vs. Strollers

It’s easy to confuse prams and strollers because they are both used to carry infants and toddlers. But it’s still good to know the difference so you can tell them apart. Prams are made to carry new born babies that are not yet able to sit up. Prams usually have a bassinette where the parents can put their babies in a lying position. Strollers, on the other hand, are used to transport babies that are already able to sit up. Prams are also usually big and heavy which is why they are not very good to bring while travelling. Strollers are the exact opposite because they are built with lightweight material, and most of them are collapsible. Prams also have carriages that are high above the ground while strollers have seats that are lower. That being said, there are hybrid carriages that are a mix of both prams and strollers. These are practical to consider because you can use it from when you deliver your baby to when they get older. Most people also substitute their cribs with a pram or have both so they can have their babies in different locations when they are in the house. This can prove to be very useful especially if you don’t always have someone to look after your baby in the nursery.

Why Americans are buying prams in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a laid back city and most new parents use prams to make sure that their babies are comfortable while they are doing their chores. When you visit houses with babies, you will immediately see them sleeping or resting in their prams. American couples who visit these homes find that having a pram for the house is way better than always putting the babies in a crib in their nursery. This is the reason prams are best sellers to American couples that visit Amsterdam. While it might not be practiced in America by most parents, Dutch people believe that it’s best to have their babies near them at all times—especially at home.

The Expat’s Guide to Buying Baby Crib Mattress

uponamattressExpats travel all the time, and some bring their babies along especially if there is no one to look after them at home. Because of the hassle of bringing everything along, expats do the shopping in most of the countries that they visit. Americans in Amsterdam, for example, buy their baby crib mattresses there so they can use it for their infants. There are plenty of crib mattresses that you can buy in the store. However, you always want the best for your baby and because of that, you need to make sure that you are buying a quality crib mattress. A baby needs all the rest that they can get so they can grow faster and healthier. Buying the perfect crib mattress will ensure that your baby has a good night’s sleep. There are important tips that you should know when picking out the best type of crib mattress for your baby, here are some of them.

Always look for quality

Inexpensive foam and innerspring mattresses are made with thin vinyl coverings and edgings that are easily torn, cracked and dry out in the long run. The more expensive the mattresses are, the coverings promise to be thicker and resistant to puncture. They also have double or triple laminates and are made with very fine cotton. An innerspring mattress will weigh more if they are made with better quality steel and cushioning.

You can’t tell a mattress by its cover

Remember that when it comes to mattresses, all that counts is what’s inside. Some crib mattresses look good and feel great when you test them in the store but will prove to be disappointing when you start using it. You can’t rely on the store’s sales staff to give you the correct information about their product. You need to make sure to know what the crib mattress is made off and what type of materials are used to make sure they are of good quality.

Hit the stores

Once you have defined your budget, hit the stores and test drive different baby crib mattresses. Always look at the labels to know what the mattresses are made of because the law requires manufacturers to list them down. If the manufacturer did not list the materials and specifications on the label, do not buy from them. Remember that when you push down on a good mattress, your hands should come right back up. You should also make sure that you don’t consider the mattress based on your comfort, always think about your baby.

Buy a new crib mattress

It’s tempting to save money to buy other things for yourself. However, it’s best to buy a new crib mattress for your baby even if you’re only traveling. The first thing to ensure is that the mattress is sanitary and bacteria free. There is no way to know where second-hand crib mattresses have been stored or used; you don’t want that for your baby. If you want to save money, buy a new one for your first child and keep it clean for your next ones. If you’ll be looking for a mattress for yourself, check out Upon a Mattress to learn about the latest products in the market.

Tarot Cards: Are You Envious?


Spending time in a different country far away from your home can bring up lots of mixed emotions and feelings of resentment. This is also true if you are on a long distance relationship with your special someone back home.

If you feel sad over a friend’s triumph or when they come across good opportunities, it may be a sign that you are envious of them. If you find people’s happiness threatening and if you are always suspicious about other people’s motives, the Moon can show up in one of your readings—this card indicates jealousy.

What does the Moon stand for?

The Moon is the representation of our emotional unconscious and it leads us to our emotions. All emotions that we display hide and don’t understand. The moon is very unpredictable and very feminine compared to the Sun. The Moon rules the tides and the rhythm of nature depends on her and the sun. However, the moon works behind the scenes and is covert indicating jealousy to those who ask the cards.
When you and your man go out, do you watch his reaction when attractive women walk by? Do you pick up his phone when he’s not paying attention, to scan his recents texts? Are you ready and willing to confront your own green-eyed monster? If so, you may see the Moon in the past, present, or future position of your Tarot spread.

Do you watch your man’s reactions to the attractive women that walk past him? Do you pick up his phone without him knowing and look at his text messages? You should be willing to confront your envious self or you will see the moon in the past, present and future of your spread.
If the Moon shows up in the past position, you may have had suspicions in the past. Did you already clear them up? You should have had a good talk with your man to address the situation. You should not hold on to past resentments.

Different positions of the tarot card

The Moon in the present position means that you are currently having issues with jealousy. There is a situation in the present that you are reacting to. Do you really trust your friends? Do you really trust your man? What about yourself? You may be denying your jealousy, but others see it.

If you see the Moon in the present position, it means that you have jealousy issues currently. There is a present situation that makes you jealous and you should know why you are feeling this. You may deny that you are jealous but most people can see it.

The Moon seen in the future position indicates that there will be a situation in the future that will make you jealous. Be prepared because this is not an emotion that is easy to deal with. Don’t be insecure about the little things and make sure to prioritize your happiness.

If the Moon shows up in your past, present and future, look at the cards that are near the Moon. If there is a pentacle that is adjacent to it, it is all about material things. If there is a Wand next to it, it is a dangerous situation and can be explosive. If there is a cups next to it, it will be hard to know what makes you jealous but you will absolutely feel it. If you find a card with swords in it, it will be a difficult situation as swords represent vengeance. If you’re uncertain of having a reading, you can try online readings and see how it relates to your real life.

How To Choose An Air Conditioning System

Being away from home is hard enough but dealing with another country’s weather condition is a different topic. Choosing an air conditioner that fits your home is a very important decision as well as an important investment. When the heat gets worse around the summer, you want your family to feel as comfortable as they possibly can. If you’re choosing an air conditioner this year, here are some things that you need to consider.

The best air conditioners are efficient and operate on minimal electricity so you won’t get crazy electrical bills. They provide good performance for long years as long as they are well maintained. They perform quietly and are not prone to breaking down.

How can I be sure my Unit is the right size?

An air conditioner that’s too small for the size of your house will not cut it but an oversized air conditioner is not good as well. You will need to turn it on and off more than usual and it will waste more energy than you think. It might also damage the compressor while you’re at it.

A contractor can determine the right size of air conditioner that fits your home by studying your cooling requirements. He will consider the window dimensions and exposure, insulation and climate, floor space as well as the appliances that generate heat. He will take note of the direction your home faces and even the part that are under the shade of trees.

Which air conditioners are energy efficient?

Just like cars manufacturers, air conditioner manufacturers are required to evaluate or rate the equipment that they use based on its energy efficiency. This rating is also known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the rating, the equipment turns out to be more efficient.
Most homes that have central air conditioning use a standard model. But when replacement is needed, they can upgrade to a more energy efficient equipment. An example would be the Rheen Series that has a rating of 18 and is one of the highest ones available today.

Are some air conditioners built better than others?

A unit’s compressor is the main part of a condensing unit. If the temperature is hot, it works very hard. The best compressors are scroll compressors and are known as the leader in efficiency, reliability and quiet operation.

You should also look at the steel cabinets that house the coils. Remember that when coils are damaged, you need to pay expensive repair bills.

The fan is also another thing to consider because some are very noisy that you cannot even sleep through the night with it turned on.

What should I look for in a contractor?

You should have a contractor that you can depend on and has an office nearby so you can get faster service when you need it. They should have a reputable name and have a good inventory of air conditioner parts so you won’t have o wait too long if you need a part replacement. They also need to have an experience of at least 5 to 10 years.

Cheap Recurve Bows for Beginners

Cheap Recurve Bows For Hunting

Being in a foreign country sure takes its toll. If you were a hunting enthusiast and would like to get back in the game, a recurve bow is the best way to start. An affordable recurve bow for hunting should be long enough that it provides both accuracy and power. It must also have enough draw weight so the arrow can pierce through your prey with enough depth to make it collapse. They also need to be quiet and durable during different kinds of weather.

The best recommended recurve bow that is also affordable is the Martin Saber because it offers the best value for people on a budget. If the $199 price tag is a bit too much, you can also opt for the Samick Sage. Both of these are good affordable recurve bows for hunting.

Cheap Recurve Bows For Target Practice

The Martin Jaguar recurve offer an excellent value for money. It is a solid piece of equipment that can also be used in hunting. The only downside when hunting is that it’s not very quiet. The Martin XR recurve is another good choice for children and youngsters with an awesome price of $37. With its price, you shouldn’t expect much but it’s a good bow for introducing children to archery because they will enjoy shooting it and it will open their world to more advanced bows.

What to look for in an inexpensive recurve?

An inexpensive recurve bow should be those that go below the $200 mark. The first thing that you have to check out is obviously the price. After that, focus on the draw weight to determine what is ideal for your weight and body type.

If you want a hunting recurve bow, you should choose a draw weight of at least 40 pounds. Weaker bows have difficulties piercing through the animal’s skin especially if it was shot from a great distance and if you want to take down a big animal. If you only wish to target draw, however, any draw weight will suit you.

Cheap Custom Recurve Bows

There is no such thing as custom bows that are cheap because all of them cost a lot of money. The reason behind this is that they take a lot of time to make and it is made specifically for a person’s liking.

If you already want a custom bow, this means that you are already at the peak of your archery career. There is no need to get a custom bow if you are just a beginner.

Affordable Recurve Bows For Sale

There are many recurve bows for sale on auction sites but it’s not advised to buy them. Buying second hand bows online may prove to be a hassle for you especially if you don’t know the reason why they are selling it. Some merchants won’t even admit what is wrong with their bows. The damages could be really bad and sometimes can’t be fixed. Avoid buying these recurve bows at all costs. However, if you really don’t have a choice, try looking at the item personally by meeting with the merchant.

Why Using a Compound Bow can Make You a Better Archer

One of the nice things about Amsterdam is that there are four high quality Archery ranges within easy travel distance. The most easily accessed is called Concordia. Located in central Amsterdam, Concordia has everything from beginner classes to advanced competitions of all forms, with all manner of bows.

Anybody with skill will tell you that there is only one way to get better at anything. Practice, practice, practice. That’s how it is with music, that’s how it is with horse-back riding, and that is most certainly how it is with Archery.

There are numerous arguments from all sides as enthusiasts discuss the best bows, techniques and approaches. The beginner wonders why, since archery seems fairly straightforward. Pull back the string, sight in, loose the arrow towards the target. It isn’t that simple at all. And because there is so much more to go into it, the best recommendation for the beginning archer is a compound bow.

The primary reason for using a compound bow is that you have a lighter weight draw, the resistance encountered when you pull back the string. Sure, at first, it seems harder than with a traditional recurve. But unlike a recurve bow, the resistance on the string lessens as you pull farther back on a compound. Subsequently it takes less overall energy and strain to achieve a full draw. But, with the right compound bow, you will get the same overall throwing distance on your arrow, as opposed to a recurve bow with a lighter draw. So you can practice for the same distance.

The next reason is also due to the lighter draw strength and lack of strain. There are so many things that go into being a good archer. Breath control is incredibly important. Proper stance is just as important. At full extension the strain on your arm and fingers is substantially less with a compound bow, giving you a chance to work on these before loosing your shaft at the target. With the string at full draw, you can still take a moment to check your stance, control your breathing and relax into the shot without fearing that your arm or fingers will give out and screw up your shot, which is incredibly frustrating, especially when you have just gotten your stance, breathing and concentration in order.

The third reason falls directly from the first. With the lighter draw weight, your arm tires less easily, so you can fire more arrows before your arm tires. This is where the “practice, practice, practice” part of the sport comes in. Because of the lighter draw, because of the lack of strain, you can draw and loose more arrows more easily in a shorter amount of time. And anybody that does any kind of sport, from shooting to archery to free throws on the basketball court will tell you, muscle memory counts for a great deal, so the more you fire, the better you will get.

Shopping for your compound bow should be done meticulously in order for you to learn easily and more efficiently. You can learn more about different compound bow from this site.

Don’t Let Jaw Pain Ruin Your Time in Amsterdam

jaw painFor many people that wind up in Amsterdam from America, for whatever reason, there are a number of things that grab immediate attention. The layout of the city, the differences in architecture, the languages that catch the ear.

What often escapes notice is the fact that, if you come from the U.S. odds are good that your home area was warmer and dryer than Amsterdam itself. Several of the people I’ve spoken to admitted that the average humidity was much higher and the average temperature lower, and subsequently they felt it in their joints.

One of them, called Jenny after this, spoke conspiratorially about having never had chronic jaw pain before in her life. Jenny said that she loved living in Amsterdam, but that suddenly she had found herself searching for treatments for something she had never really experienced. After a trip to the doctor, who diagnosed her with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain. There are numerous causes, but the difference in humidity and temperature in Amsterdam from what she’d been accustomed to back home was definitely exacerbating the problem.

Jenny herself admitted that between the new job, the new city and the international move had been stressful, so her doctor and she agreed that she should try to deal with that, first, before medications.

After finding out what the problem was, she went looking for information and stumbled upon the website, she said she found a number of possible treatments and methods of dealing with her TMJ, a number of which were within walking distance of her apartment. The website talks about methods of dealing with stress, which can help considerably in dealing with TMJ pain.

For Jenny she started with massage therapy, temperature therapy and yoga. Temperature therapy is the easiest of the three. Ice your jaw, then apply a heat pack or warm cloth. Any of these are available in stores, or can be easily acquired. Even using ice itself, and then a warm, damp cloth can take care of the problem.

Like most cities the world over, Amsterdam has a plethora of yoga studios and massage therapy clinics, over one hundred of each and all easily located and accessible from wherever the reader might reside. For massage, many of them will even travel to hotels if that is where you are staying, or work with the hotels regularly, making it easy for a tourist to make an appointment, or to find the best recommendation of the hotel staff. Much the same with finding a yoga studio, the staff can direct you to a number of nearby studios where more information can be acquired.

Some months after her move, Jenny says that when her jaw aches it is still more noticeable, but it is substantially better than it was in the weeks after her move. A happy determination of that story for her that demonstrates a common problem and an easier solution. If your jaw hurts, the listed options can make a good place to start for any who want to try them.

Top 3 Bag Choices for Tourists in Amsterdam

Traveling and being a tourist is great fun, but there are dozens of tips out there to make one’s touring experience better overall. One that almost never gets talked about is based in baggage. Whether you are male or female, in town for three weeks or three days, in town for work or purely for pleasure, you are going to want to move more than just yourself around, and you are going to want quality gear to prevent mishaps and make certain you have what you need when you get where you’re going. Messenger bags are a top choice when travelling but here are some our top choices for bags when you’re in Amsterdam.

Saddleback Briefcase

For guys, especially those that are quality and image conscious, the best bag out there is the Saddleback Briefcase. It’s rugged, sturdy and made of leather. It has enough room for a laptop, its accessories, your paperwork, camera, water bottles, pretty much whatever you need while traveling, be it for work or for fun. It’s compact, which means when you’re traveling in Amsterdam, or other European cities, it stores easily on public transportation. It has several configurations and is easily converted from a briefcase to a backpack, and it’s incredibly secure for those concerned about pick-pockets. It is also made with exactly this kind of thing in mind, and has additional straps that can be detached and used for belts if needed. At 600 dollars, US, it is expensive, but for those for whom they want nothing but the best, this is it.

Baggallini Big Sydney

For the ladies, and substantially cheaper, there’s the Baggallini Big Sydney. Ladies just flat out have more stuff to carry, and it helps to have the numerous pockets that are part of the Big Sydney’s design. Made of durable nylon it won’t necessarily take a beating that the Saddleback bags will, but it will carry all of the essentials and non-essentials that the ladies don’t wish to be caught without. Like the Saddlebacks, it manages to store all of these things without getting distended, meaning it can still be easily stored in public transportation without keeping causing any of the physical discomfort that comes from being stuck in to small a space. Priced at around 100 dollars US, this bag is a pretty solid acquisition for a lady on the go, be it business or pleasure.

Rapid Dominance Canvas Messenger bag

The third choice, good on storage and budgetary concerns is the Rapid Dominance Canvas Messenger bag. Heavy Duty canvas with a polyester lining, this is a sturdy bag that has plenty of storage space for personal gear. It is a cross body bag, which can be a pain, but it makes up for it with seven different pockets to allow you to keep your stuff organized and secure while you wander the city and country-side. Not as versatile as the above bags, it will get the job done for under 40 dollars.

When looking for a quality messenger bag that can easily be bought online, visiting sites that provide online reviews for messenger bag products usually provide a link directing to where you can purchase one. Among the top quality messenger bags that is a great bag for travelers is the Leyden and Sons Messenger bag.

Five Great Opportunities for American Cosmetologists in Amsterdam

Anybody who knows anything about cosmetology knows that it’s more than just cutting hair. The difficulty lies in the fact that most people know nothing about it. Hair styling and dyeing, nails, helping the customer find the proper colors, or even making-up people for photo-shoots and TV. 90 percent of what cosmetologists do goes unnoticed, and that’s good, because it shows that the artist is exactly that. Not just that, but the work is steady, at least, and can pay incredibly well if you’re good at it. The problem is, when you wind up moving, for whatever reason, there’s the job hunt. And it’s helpful to know the lay of the land.

Academie Louman

If you’re new to the business, the place to go looking is called, Academie Louman. Academy Lane, in English. The top school in Amsterdam, they teach everything from the basics of styling hair to Hot Stone massage and Reflexology. The cost is reasonable so if you are a student, or even a competent professional who is looking to expand their skill set, this is a prestigious place to have in your background.

Nederlandse Kappersakademie

Along the same lines, there’s the Nederlandse Kappersakademie, the Dutch Hairdressers Academy. While perhaps not as prestigious as Academie Louman, you will learn what you need to know here, and more besides. The thing that sets these folks apart is the flexible evening training for those that have scheduling difficulties. Especially for new entrants into the world of cosmetology, this place is worth careful consideration.

The House of Orange Models

For those already established professionals in the field, The House of Orange Models is a professional styling and modeling firm, complete with photographers on staff and in house. They work with a smaller number of high quality products, so if you’re familiar with those products, this may be a place for you to find employment. If you aren’t, then going may be a bit more difficult for you, but at the end of the day, you will have gotten more experience.

Toni and Guy Salon

Established in 1995, if you know the high fashion world, you’ve probably heard of these fellows. With over 400 locations in over 40 countries, they do a great deal of work with the modeling industry. With the large number of models working tours through Europe, this is a great place to find steady, challenging work.

Jitty’s Hair and Makeup

Jitty’s Hair and Makeup is a wonderful place for people who are, perhaps not enamored of the worlds of fashion or modeling. Maybe your preference is to work with folks that wants to feel better, and not just to make pretty for pictures. Jitty’s is well known for being a place for quality cutting and styling. The owners believe in cross-training for technical expertise and providing personalized service to each customer. If that’s your style, this is a great place for you to start. If you’re still looking for a school however for basic cosmetology classes, this guide can give you an idea about US based cosmetology schools.