Americans Buy Prams when in Amsterdam

babytransitAmsterdam is one of the most popular cities visited by Americans every year because of its nice infrastructure, good food and tourist attractions. This place is filled with culture and history that you can soak in all day, and it also has a fun atmosphere at night so you can party and enjoy your stay. This might be true if you are single and travelling alone or with some of your friends. However, it’s different when you are with your baby and travelling with your husband. Most couples that are expecting their babies or even planning on having one is already crossing out things on their shopping list. The first and most essential of all for Americans is the baby stroller. It’s the most convenient way to travel with your infant and be with them all the time but some American couples that visited Amsterdam are coming back with prams that they have purchased during their travel.

Prams vs. Strollers

It’s easy to confuse prams and strollers because they are both used to carry infants and toddlers. But it’s still good to know the difference so you can tell them apart. Prams are made to carry new born babies that are not yet able to sit up. Prams usually have a bassinette where the parents can put their babies in a lying position. Strollers, on the other hand, are used to transport babies that are already able to sit up. Prams are also usually big and heavy which is why they are not very good to bring while travelling. Strollers are the exact opposite because they are built with lightweight material, and most of them are collapsible. Prams also have carriages that are high above the ground while strollers have seats that are lower. That being said, there are hybrid carriages that are a mix of both prams and strollers. These are practical to consider because you can use it from when you deliver your baby to when they get older. Most people also substitute their cribs with a pram or have both so they can have their babies in different locations when they are in the house. This can prove to be very useful especially if you don’t always have someone to look after your baby in the nursery.

Why Americans are buying prams in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a laid back city and most new parents use prams to make sure that their babies are comfortable while they are doing their chores. When you visit houses with babies, you will immediately see them sleeping or resting in their prams. American couples who visit these homes find that having a pram for the house is way better than always putting the babies in a crib in their nursery. This is the reason prams are best sellers to American couples that visit Amsterdam. While it might not be practiced in America by most parents, Dutch people believe that it’s best to have their babies near them at all times—especially at home.