Cheap Recurve Bows for Beginners

Cheap Recurve Bows For Hunting

Being in a foreign country sure takes its toll. If you were a hunting enthusiast and would like to get back in the game, a recurve bow is the best way to start. An affordable recurve bow for hunting should be long enough that it provides both accuracy and power. It must also have enough draw weight so the arrow can pierce through your prey with enough depth to make it collapse. They also need to be quiet and durable during different kinds of weather.

The best recommended recurve bow that is also affordable is the Martin Saber because it offers the best value for people on a budget. If the $199 price tag is a bit too much, you can also opt for the Samick Sage. Both of these are good affordable recurve bows for hunting.

Cheap Recurve Bows For Target Practice

The Martin Jaguar recurve offer an excellent value for money. It is a solid piece of equipment that can also be used in hunting. The only downside when hunting is that it’s not very quiet. The Martin XR recurve is another good choice for children and youngsters with an awesome price of $37. With its price, you shouldn’t expect much but it’s a good bow for introducing children to archery because they will enjoy shooting it and it will open their world to more advanced bows.

What to look for in an inexpensive recurve?

An inexpensive recurve bow should be those that go below the $200 mark. The first thing that you have to check out is obviously the price. After that, focus on the draw weight to determine what is ideal for your weight and body type.

If you want a hunting recurve bow, you should choose a draw weight of at least 40 pounds. Weaker bows have difficulties piercing through the animal’s skin especially if it was shot from a great distance and if you want to take down a big animal. If you only wish to target draw, however, any draw weight will suit you.

Cheap Custom Recurve Bows

There is no such thing as custom bows that are cheap because all of them cost a lot of money. The reason behind this is that they take a lot of time to make and it is made specifically for a person’s liking.

If you already want a custom bow, this means that you are already at the peak of your archery career. There is no need to get a custom bow if you are just a beginner.

Affordable Recurve Bows For Sale

There are many recurve bows for sale on auction sites but it’s not advised to buy them. Buying second hand bows online may prove to be a hassle for you especially if you don’t know the reason why they are selling it. Some merchants won’t even admit what is wrong with their bows. The damages could be really bad and sometimes can’t be fixed. Avoid buying these recurve bows at all costs. However, if you really don’t have a choice, try looking at the item personally by meeting with the merchant.