Don’t Let Jaw Pain Ruin Your Time in Amsterdam

jaw painFor many people that wind up in Amsterdam from America, for whatever reason, there are a number of things that grab immediate attention. The layout of the city, the differences in architecture, the languages that catch the ear.

What often escapes notice is the fact that, if you come from the U.S. odds are good that your home area was warmer and dryer than Amsterdam itself. Several of the people I’ve spoken to admitted that the average humidity was much higher and the average temperature lower, and subsequently they felt it in their joints.

One of them, called Jenny after this, spoke conspiratorially about having never had chronic jaw pain before in her life. Jenny said that she loved living in Amsterdam, but that suddenly she had found herself searching for treatments for something she had never really experienced. After a trip to the doctor, who diagnosed her with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain. There are numerous causes, but the difference in humidity and temperature in Amsterdam from what she’d been accustomed to back home was definitely exacerbating the problem.

Jenny herself admitted that between the new job, the new city and the international move had been stressful, so her doctor and she agreed that she should try to deal with that, first, before medications.

After finding out what the problem was, she went looking for information and stumbled upon the website, she said she found a number of possible treatments and methods of dealing with her TMJ, a number of which were within walking distance of her apartment. The website talks about methods of dealing with stress, which can help considerably in dealing with TMJ pain.

For Jenny she started with massage therapy, temperature therapy and yoga. Temperature therapy is the easiest of the three. Ice your jaw, then apply a heat pack or warm cloth. Any of these are available in stores, or can be easily acquired. Even using ice itself, and then a warm, damp cloth can take care of the problem.

Like most cities the world over, Amsterdam has a plethora of yoga studios and massage therapy clinics, over one hundred of each and all easily located and accessible from wherever the reader might reside. For massage, many of them will even travel to hotels if that is where you are staying, or work with the hotels regularly, making it easy for a tourist to make an appointment, or to find the best recommendation of the hotel staff. Much the same with finding a yoga studio, the staff can direct you to a number of nearby studios where more information can be acquired.

Some months after her move, Jenny says that when her jaw aches it is still more noticeable, but it is substantially better than it was in the weeks after her move. A happy determination of that story for her that demonstrates a common problem and an easier solution. If your jaw hurts, the listed options can make a good place to start for any who want to try them.