Five Great Opportunities for American Cosmetologists in Amsterdam

Anybody who knows anything about cosmetology knows that it’s more than just cutting hair. The difficulty lies in the fact that most people know nothing about it. Hair styling and dyeing, nails, helping the customer find the proper colors, or even making-up people for photo-shoots and TV. 90 percent of what cosmetologists do goes unnoticed, and that’s good, because it shows that the artist is exactly that. Not just that, but the work is steady, at least, and can pay incredibly well if you’re good at it. The problem is, when you wind up moving, for whatever reason, there’s the job hunt. And it’s helpful to know the lay of the land.

Academie Louman

If you’re new to the business, the place to go looking is called, Academie Louman. Academy Lane, in English. The top school in Amsterdam, they teach everything from the basics of styling hair to Hot Stone massage and Reflexology. The cost is reasonable so if you are a student, or even a competent professional who is looking to expand their skill set, this is a prestigious place to have in your background.

Nederlandse Kappersakademie

Along the same lines, there’s the Nederlandse Kappersakademie, the Dutch Hairdressers Academy. While perhaps not as prestigious as Academie Louman, you will learn what you need to know here, and more besides. The thing that sets these folks apart is the flexible evening training for those that have scheduling difficulties. Especially for new entrants into the world of cosmetology, this place is worth careful consideration.

The House of Orange Models

For those already established professionals in the field, The House of Orange Models is a professional styling and modeling firm, complete with photographers on staff and in house. They work with a smaller number of high quality products, so if you’re familiar with those products, this may be a place for you to find employment. If you aren’t, then going may be a bit more difficult for you, but at the end of the day, you will have gotten more experience.

Toni and Guy Salon

Established in 1995, if you know the high fashion world, you’ve probably heard of these fellows. With over 400 locations in over 40 countries, they do a great deal of work with the modeling industry. With the large number of models working tours through Europe, this is a great place to find steady, challenging work.

Jitty’s Hair and Makeup

Jitty’s Hair and Makeup is a wonderful place for people who are, perhaps not enamored of the worlds of fashion or modeling. Maybe your preference is to work with folks that wants to¬†feel better, and not just to make pretty for pictures. Jitty’s is well known for being a place for quality cutting and styling. The owners believe in cross-training for technical expertise and providing personalized service to each customer. If that’s your style, this is a great place for you to start. If you’re still looking for a school however for basic cosmetology classes, this guide can give you an idea about US based cosmetology schools.