Tarot Cards: Are You Envious?


Spending time in a different country far away from your home can bring up lots of mixed emotions and feelings of resentment. This is also true if you are on a long distance relationship with your special someone back home.

If you feel sad over a friend’s triumph or when they come across good opportunities, it may be a sign that you are envious of them. If you find people’s happiness threatening and if you are always suspicious about other people’s motives, the Moon can show up in one of your readings—this card indicates jealousy.

What does the Moon stand for?

The Moon is the representation of our emotional unconscious and it leads us to our emotions. All emotions that we display hide and don’t understand. The moon is very unpredictable and very feminine compared to the Sun. The Moon rules the tides and the rhythm of nature depends on her and the sun. However, the moon works behind the scenes and is covert indicating jealousy to those who ask the cards.
When you and your man go out, do you watch his reaction when attractive women walk by? Do you pick up his phone when he’s not paying attention, to scan his recents texts? Are you ready and willing to confront your own green-eyed monster? If so, you may see the Moon in the past, present, or future position of your Tarot spread.

Do you watch your man’s reactions to the attractive women that walk past him? Do you pick up his phone without him knowing and look at his text messages? You should be willing to confront your envious self or you will see the moon in the past, present and future of your spread.
If the Moon shows up in the past position, you may have had suspicions in the past. Did you already clear them up? You should have had a good talk with your man to address the situation. You should not hold on to past resentments.

Different positions of the tarot card

The Moon in the present position means that you are currently having issues with jealousy. There is a situation in the present that you are reacting to. Do you really trust your friends? Do you really trust your man? What about yourself? You may be denying your jealousy, but others see it.

If you see the Moon in the present position, it means that you have jealousy issues currently. There is a present situation that makes you jealous and you should know why you are feeling this. You may deny that you are jealous but most people can see it.

The Moon seen in the future position indicates that there will be a situation in the future that will make you jealous. Be prepared because this is not an emotion that is easy to deal with. Don’t be insecure about the little things and make sure to prioritize your happiness.

If the Moon shows up in your past, present and future, look at the cards that are near the Moon. If there is a pentacle that is adjacent to it, it is all about material things. If there is a Wand next to it, it is a dangerous situation and can be explosive. If there is a cups next to it, it will be hard to know what makes you jealous but you will absolutely feel it. If you find a card with swords in it, it will be a difficult situation as swords represent vengeance. If you’re uncertain of having a reading, you can try online readings and see how it relates to your real life.