Top 3 Bag Choices for Tourists in Amsterdam

Traveling and being a tourist is great fun, but there are dozens of tips out there to make one’s touring experience better overall. One that almost never gets talked about is based in baggage. Whether you are male or female, in town for three weeks or three days, in town for work or purely for pleasure, you are going to want to move more than just yourself around, and you are going to want quality gear to prevent mishaps and make certain you have what you need when you get where you’re going. Messenger bags are a top choice when travelling but here are some our top choices for bags when you’re in Amsterdam.

Saddleback Briefcase

For guys, especially those that are quality and image conscious, the best bag out there is the Saddleback Briefcase. It’s rugged, sturdy and made of leather. It has enough room for a laptop, its accessories, your paperwork, camera, water bottles, pretty much whatever you need while traveling, be it for work or for fun. It’s compact, which means when you’re traveling in Amsterdam, or other European cities, it stores easily on public transportation. It has several configurations and is easily converted from a briefcase to a backpack, and it’s incredibly secure for those concerned about pick-pockets. It is also made with exactly this kind of thing in mind, and has additional straps that can be detached and used for belts if needed. At 600 dollars, US, it is expensive, but for those for whom they want nothing but the best, this is it.

Baggallini Big Sydney

For the ladies, and substantially cheaper, there’s the Baggallini Big Sydney. Ladies just flat out have more stuff to carry, and it helps to have the numerous pockets that are part of the Big Sydney’s design. Made of durable nylon it won’t necessarily take a beating that the Saddleback bags will, but it will carry all of the essentials and non-essentials that the ladies don’t wish to be caught without. Like the Saddlebacks, it manages to store all of these things without getting distended, meaning it can still be easily stored in public transportation without keeping causing any of the physical discomfort that comes from being stuck in to small a space. Priced at around 100 dollars US, this bag is a pretty solid acquisition for a lady on the go, be it business or pleasure.

Rapid Dominance Canvas Messenger bag

The third choice, good on storage and budgetary concerns is the Rapid Dominance Canvas Messenger bag. Heavy Duty canvas with a polyester lining, this is a sturdy bag that has plenty of storage space for personal gear. It is a cross body bag, which can be a pain, but it makes up for it with seven different pockets to allow you to keep your stuff organized and secure while you wander the city and country-side. Not as versatile as the above bags, it will get the job done for under 40 dollars.

When looking for a quality messenger bag that can easily be bought online, visiting sites that provide online reviews for messenger bag products usually provide a link directing to where you can purchase one. Among the top quality messenger bags that is a great bag for travelers is the Leyden and Sons Messenger bag.